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Welcome to this weeks WVD news of the week. Let’s get started because it’s a huge list this week. Enjoy all the video’s and articles and the weekend.

Azure security baseline for Windows Virtual Desktop

A new Azure security baseling has been released for WVD. This the guide on how to secure your WVD Deployment.

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WVD Image Management E2: Azure Image Builder

Jim Moyle has released a second video on Image management WVD. This time comparing AIB vs Packer

Nerdio Manager for MSP

A big announcement on NerdioCon this week was the release of Nerdio Manager for MSP. Making it able to manage your customer in one control plane.


Using a desktop and remote application group to granularly control access to MSIX app attach

Stefan Georgiev has provided an overview of how DAG and remote application groups (RAG) can be used together to isolate applications in remote desktop scenarios.

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							Using a desktop and remote application group to granularly control access to MSIX app attach

Cloudskills.fm podcast about WVD

The Cloudskills.fm podcast released episode 101 with Travis Roberts talking about WVD.


How to deploy Windows 7 Enterprise with Windows Virtual Desktop

Robin Hobo has written a complete guide on how to deploy Windows 7 on WVD.


Desktops in the Cloud episode

Christiaan Brinkhoff and Dean Cefola released another episode and this week with Daniel Sol, AIB PM. There are talking about Mastering Azure Image Builder (AIB) for advanced image management.

Announcements at Windows Virtual Desktop Master Class

Kam Vedbrat released a page with all the announcement thata have been made during the WVD Masterclass.


Linux support

Microsoft released a page concerning the linux support for WVD.


Microsoft Certified: Windows Virtual Desktop Specialty

Just before the WVD Masterclass from yesterday Microsoft has announced the upcoming WVD certification.


Windows virtual Desktop support in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is now generally available.

A highly anticipated feature for Microsoft Defender is now GA. Defender for Endpoint now supports Windows Virtual Desktop with up to 50 concurrent user connections for Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session (listed here as “Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops”)

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Windows Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization

Spektra Systems has passed the audit and has earned the Advanced Specialization for WVD.


Citrix and WVD videos from Citrix

Rob Beekmans and Thomas Berger released a seires of videso about citrix and WVD.

What is the benefit of using Citrix together with Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)?

Embrace hybrid cloud with Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and Citrix

User experience monitoring of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with Citrix Analytics

Optimizing graphics in Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with Citrix HDX

Simplify troubleshooting in Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with Citrix

Reducing logon times in Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with Citrix

Optimizing Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with Citrix HDX

Comparing WVD Auto-scaling solutions

Wahid Saleemi has written a blogpost to compare the different scaling options for WVD.


Belgium Windows Virtual Desktop User Group video

The BWVDUG released the recording of the last meetup.

Why now is the time to consider Windows Virtual Desktop

Microwarehouse has released an article about why it’s time to consider WVD.

Why now is the time to consider Windows Virtual Desktop


Office and FSLogic Apps rule Editor

Stefan Georgiev released an article that explains the process to take a VM with Office installed. Offload the Office folder to a network location and use the VM as a template for all other machines in the host pool.

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							Office and FSLogix Apps Rule Editor

What’s new in Windows Virtual desktop

All the january updates for WVD have been added to the what’s new page

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WVDTechFest Podcast 

Simon Bender and Patrick Köhler released the first video where they interview 1 of the speakers of the WVD Techfest.

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