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Welcome to the 3rd WVD news of the week blogpost of 2021.

Update with Breadth-First! Auto Scale Session Hosts in Windows Virtual Desktop Spring Update (ARM) with Azure Function

Travis Roberts aka “Ciraltos” has updated he’s scaling script to support Breadth-First algorithm

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

Tobias Broer has written a blogpost about WVD and the benefits about it during and beyond this pandemic.


Enterprise Scale considerations for Windows Virtual Desktop

Jake Walsh has written a blogpost about WVD and Azure Landing Zones. A good article where you can read about all the things to consider when deploying WVD

RDP shortpath for WVD

Niels Kok has written another blogpost and this time he covered the much anitipated RDP Shortpath feature. He discusses the pro’s and cons about it.

Diagram van RDP shortpath-netwerk verbindingen

Windows Virtual Desktop ARM Template Change – Default NSG Value

Microsoft announced a change for the networkSecurityGrouprules in ARM nested templates.


Tom Hickling Views On Desktop as a Service (DaaS) & Virtual Desktop

Ace cloud Hosting as pusblished an article with tom Hickling talking about his view on DaaS.

Tom Hickling Views On Desktop as a Service (DaaS) & Virtual Desktop

What’s new in the Windows Desktop client

A new version was released for the WVD client in the insiders ring.


FSLogix Apps 2009 HF_01 (2.9.7654.46150)

An update has been released for FSLogix with the following fixes.


Azure Pipeline – Starting a Percentage of VMs in the HostPool At the Start of Business

Surendra Dhondale has written a blogpost on how to make sure a % of vm’s are active in the hostpool via a DevOps pipeline.


WVDAdmin – Rollout multiple session hosts

Marcel Meurer has created another WVDAdmin video.

A one-time step is to create a service account to join the new hosts to the domain. The video shows how to make the service account and rolling out several new session hosts.

Windows Virtual Desktop service metadata coming to Europe

Micha Wets posted a picture about the upcoming change for the WVD service metadata. The Europe regions are becoming available to deploy WVD Workspaces and hostpools.


Push Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Session Host state to Log Analytics to create alerts if hosts become unavailable or failed

Marcel Meurer has created a blog to push the session host state to log Analytics. A great blog and must read!

Push Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Session Host state to Log Analytics to create alerts if hosts become unavailable or failed

MSIX Packaging Tool January 2021 Release is now available!

Microsoft has released a new version for the MSIX packaging tool in the Microsoft Store


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