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Windows Virtual Desktop 3rd Community Event XXL Edition

Today Microsoft organised the 3rd WVD community event with alot of great speakers and sessions. Thanks to all people who helped creating this event.

FSLogix Application Masking In Windows Virtual Desktop

Imran Rashid has written an blogpost about FsLogix and the Application Masking feature.


Belgium Windows Virtual Desktop User group December Meetup

Don’t forget to RSVP for this event with guest speakers Travis Roberts and Marcel Meurer.


Why to use GPU powered workstations in Windows virtual Desktop

Ben Martin Baur has written an blogpost about the topic if a GPU powered desktop improves user performance.


FSLogix and Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise Activation issue remediation

Patrick Köhler has written an blogpost about an office 365 activation issue he encountered with a user.


WVDAdmin tool update

Marcel Meurer made another update to his tool. This time he added the option to add a host automaticly to an ASG.

Zoom beta optimization plugin for wvd

Zoom announced the beta of the optmization plugin for wvd


Windows Virtual Desktop ARM Template Change

Microsoft announced this week that on december 21 2020 all public ip parameters will be removed from the cerate and provision ARM Template.


SMB MC WVD Azure Files

Stefan Georgiev released a short video about a POC for multi channel SMB with Windows Virtual Desktop.

Migrate to WVD and Beyond

Marius Sandby has written a blogpost about the he gave on the community XXL event.


Create and Optimise a Windows Virtual Desktop Image

Imran Rashid wrote a blogpost about how to create an image and use the optimise script


MSIX App Attach

Stefan Georgiev has released a very nice video about MSIX App Attach. I’m really looking forward forward to this.

See you all next week 🙂

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