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Welcome to this week’s “AVD” news of the week”. There was some huge news this week from Microsoft.

Windows Virtual Desktop name change to Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft announced this week that WVD is changing names to AVD or Azure Virtual Desktop. Kam Vedbrat, the group PM of WVD made the announcement with alot of new features coming. You call read all about it in the link.

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Azure Webinar Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft is organising a webinar to talk about the newly announced features of AVD. If you want to know all about it don’t hesitate and register.


AZ-140 AVD Specialty exam out of beta

The moment alot of people have waited for it the release of the AVD exam. It came out of beta this week. The people who took the exam during the beta should receive their scores within the next 10 days.

Azure certification exam AZ 140 out of beta

WVD Powershell module renamed

Sander Rozemuller rebranded he’s powershell module for AVD so it reflects the name change. If you want to download it just click on the below link.


NEW “AVD” Windows desktop client version

The new version of the MSRDC client has been released to the Indider user group. It also reflechts the name change to AVD.


MSIX App Attach Meet the experts event

For all the people who couldn’t watch this event live or just want to watch it again, the recordings are now available on-demand.


Windows Virtual Desktop is Azure Virtual Desktop | WVD is AVD | Brand Name Change for WVD | Best Name

Anoop Nair has written a blogpost about the name change of WVD to AVD. As Anoop I’m also looking forwrad to see what is coming next.


MSIX app attach troubleshooting expired certificates

Stefan Georgiev has released a new troubleshooting video. This time he covers MSIX APp Attach expired certificates.

Azure Virtual Desktop Azure AD Join Support with Intune Management | Endpoint Manager | WVD

Another blogpost from Anoop about the new announcement feature for AD join support with Intune. This is the feature everybody is waiting for!


Episode 2 – AVD Zero to Hero: What is AVD?

The second episode of this video podcast from Simon Lee and Shabaz Darr. This time they covers an overview of what is AVD.

Windows 10 Image Series – Part 1

Niels Kok released a new blog series. In this blog series he will cover the creating of the image and sysprepping it.


AVD Automation Cocktail – The Menu

Sander Rozemuller has posted an very cool idea. A menu of cocktails aof automation. Can’t wait for the rest Sander. All info in the link.


Nerdio Scripted Actions Hackathon

If you haven’t read heard about the Nerdio Hackathon go to their website and get yourself up to speed and participate. It’s a awesome event.


Announcing general availability of Azure Virtual Desktop service metadata storage in Europe

Microsoft announced this week the GA of the new metadata location in europe. Also they added UK South and UK West regions. This will help alot of customers.


Pluralsight AZ-140 course

The Pluralsight author Greg Shields released the AA-Z-140 course he created for this Specialty. If you want to prepare for the certification this is a very good resource.


What’s The Point of Cloud Monitoring

Another video of Dean Cefola about AVD. This time he covers everything you need to know about monitoring your environment.

That’s is for this week, enjoy the weekend and weather and see you next week.

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