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Azure Academy FSLogix video

Dean Cefola released a video about the secrets from FSLogix. A must see!!

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Azure Monitor Workbook

Billy York has written a blogpost about an Azure Monitor Workbook he created for WVD.


Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Administrator
Certification Blueprint Survey

Microsoft wants our help to define the new WVD Administrator certification. Go and fill in the survey today.


Dutch Windows Virtual Desktop User Group November Meetup

The recording of he first meetup has been uploaded with great sessions of Stefan Dingemanse, Niels Kok, Robin Hobo and Gertjan Jongeneel.

Microsoft meets Community: Windows Virtual Desktop

Christiaan Brinkhoff annoucned the next WVD Community Event for december. Go and register for this event with awesome speakers.


MSIX App Attach – the future of application delivery, a sneak peak of the upcoming Azure portal integration

Tom Hickling has written a blogpost about the highly anticipated change in the Azure Portal for MSIX App Attach.


What’s new in the Windows Desktop client

Version 1.2.1520 of the Windows Desktop client (MSRDC) for #WVD to the Insider user group has been released.


CIMFS MSIX App Attach testing

Demo of AppCURE’s Studio CLI testing CimFS. that’s right Apps packaged using the composite file system.


Tip for capturing custom Windows 10 multi-session image for WVD

Gerry Hampson has written a nice blogpost to capture a custom Windows 10 multi-session image for WVD.


Learn how to deploy the Remote Desktop (MSRDC) WVD client as Intune Win32 app – via Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) to your physical clients

Christiaan Brinkhoff has written an blogpost about how to deploy the WVD client as an Intune app.


WVDAdmin new version Add: On a session host > State > Mouse over will show the health report of the host

Marcel Maurer did an update on the WVDAdmin tool. to check the health info a session host.


Windows Virtual Desktop: van preview-pionierwerk tot advanced specialization!

Freek Berson and Marcel Eeken recently passed the audit for the WVD Advance Specialisation. In this blogpost they tell about the journey towards that audit. (blog sis in dutch)


What’s new in Windows Virtual Desktop? October 2020 update

Tom Hickling posted a blog on techcommunity with the update for october 2020.


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