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Hello and welcome to another avd news of the week, the second one of June 2022 and this time it’s extra long since I skipped a week.. As usual I gathered the latest news from Microsoft and the community so let’s get started.

Az.AVD Powershell module updated

Sander Rozemuller released another update for the avd Powershell module that he created. This module has a bunch of new commands for session host lifecycle management. (Re)start, stop, deallocate, remove(with resources), enable, and disable logins are now available in v2.2.0.


AVD Webinar LoginVSI and Microsoft

LoginVSI is organising a webinar with Jim Moyle (Senior PM AVD). They will discuss AVD with Windows 10 and Windows 11.


General availability: Trusted launch support for virtual machines using Ephemeral OS disks

Microsoft shared the news that Trusted Launch for vm’s with ephemeral disks are available in all Azure public regions.


Virtual desktop infrastructure security best practices

Tom Hickling has shared an article about some best practices to secure your avd environment.


Multiregion Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) for Azure Virtual Desktop

Ben Martin Baur has written a very detailed article about BCDR and AVD. If you want a detailed view about this topic, go and read this blogpost.

Diagram that shows a high-level overview of the Cloud Cache replication flow.

Expired MSIX Certificates in AVD

Toby Skerritt has written a blogpost of what happens when the ceritificate in the MSIX package expires. He shows us what steps he did to figure out what the issue was and how to fix it.

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My fellow Nerdio NVP Dominiek has written a blogpost Windows 365 and how it compares to AVD.


AVD TechFest update

Simon and Patrick released an update around the upcoming AVD TechFest. You can see the speakers line up on the website.


Enrolling Terraform Deployed AVD Session Hosts into Intune

Dean Lawrence has written an interesting blog about enrolling AVD hosts in Intune. He shows us where to specify the mdm ID.


Azure API limit BOOSTER

Nerdio announced a new feature for NME. The API limit BOOSTER part of Nerdio Manager for Enterprise allows you to register additional applications in Azure AD that you can use when issuing calls to Azure. This new option allows you to grow the total number of API calls by a factor of n, where n is the number of client apps linked for Nerdio Manager to use. 

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New Nerdio NVP’s

Earlier this week Nerdio announced the new Nerdio NVP’s. Congrats to Dominiek Verham and myself! I think I can speak for Dominiek and myself that I’m looking forward working with Nerdio to make it even better.

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That’s all the news for this week. Enjoy the weekend!

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