AVD news of the week

Hello and welcome to another avd news of the week, the first one of June 2022. As usual I gathered the latest news from Microsoft and the community so let’s get started.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) – Packaging the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to MSIX

Luis Henrique Demetrio from Microsoft has written an article explaining how to package SQL Management server to be used with MSIX App Attach. Great blogpost!

thumbnail image 1 of blog post titled 
							Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) - Packaging the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to MSIX

Do you have a bright idea to make Nerdio Manager for Enterprise even better?

Nerdio have released a feedback form. If you have an idea to make Nerdio even better, go and submit your idea and who knows, they might implement your idea.


New AVD client update for all users

Microsoft have released the latest version of the AVD client for all users. Check the link below to see all updates.


That’s all the news for this week. Enjoy the weekend!

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