WVD news of the week

Hi and welcome to my weekly blogpost with all the news from WVD. Several exciting things were announced so let’s start!

Desktops in the cloud initiative

Christiaan Brinkhoff and Dean Cefola have release a teaser video about the new TechTalk about WVD. The first episode will be release shortly.

All the info can found on the website: https://desktopsinthecloud.com/

Use Azure Advisor with Windows Virtual Desktop

a New documentation page has been added to use Azure Advisor with WVD.


The page for Supported authentication methods for WVD page has been released


Azure Files SMB Multichannel provides improved performance for clients (Preview)

This feature has been released in preview and will boost performance from your file shares where you store the FSLogix profiles.


What’s new in the Windows Desktop client has been updated with the latest insider version

The session from Christiaan Brinkhoff at ITPro.TV has been released. Deploy WVD using the Azure Portal

You can now see the session about the new ARM WVD portal if you missed it.


Windows Virtual Desktop (#WVD) x Azure HPC (#HPC) article has been published on Linkedin from Ben Martin Baur


Least privileges with custom roles for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) blogpost from Marcel Meurer


A new customer storie about WVD has been released about Teleperformance

They onboarded 25000 employees to WVD in one month.


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