WVD news of the week

Hi Everybody,

It’s friday again so indeed time for all the latest wvd news of the week.

New WVD User Groups

Some new user groups have been created.

Canada Windows Virtual Desktop User Group (Montréal, QC) | Meetup

More IOPS at no additional cost for Azure Files premium tier

Effective immediately, all premium shares get an input/output per second (IOPS) uplift for free. This will benefit FSLogix that are hosted on Azure Files alot for performance.


Windows Virtual Desktop uservoice website

Microsoft published a website where you can go to and submit a suggestion to omprove the wvd service.


MSIX – Using the Bulk Conversion Scripts

Ingmar Oosterhoff, a Modern Workplace Customer Engineer at Microsoft has released a very nice article how we can set up our machine so we can do batch conversion of our application installers into MSIX packages.


Updates on WVDAdmin

Marcel Meurer is updating WVDAdmin all the time.

  • added an eXpErImEnTaL feature to WVDAdmin to install thousands of apps to session hosts with a click
  • He also added some secret features for WVDAdmin for wvd

Azure Academy video on RDP Shortpath

Dean Cefola released his video about RDP Shortpath

Microsoft meets Community: Windows Virtual Desktop Even – XXL Edition

Christiaan Brinkhoff announced that we almost have 1000 registrations for this next community event. If you haven’t done so go and register now!!!

Project Bicep

Freek Berson added a good tip on Twitter for Prject Biceps version 0.2.59.

WVD webclient update

The support for Microphone is in preview.

MSIX Ready

On https://www.advancedinstaller.com/ you can find alot of application wich all compatible with MSIX. Go and check it out.


ARM Teplates or HashiCorp Terraform

Zachary Deptawa has written a very nice blogpost about these possible ways to infra on Azure and also WVD.


MSIX Packaging fundamentals

Tim Mangan, Bogdan Mitrache and Kevin Kaminski have published an ebook about MSIX. A must read!


That’s it for this week, have a nice weekend and see you next week!

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